All Students Phase 4

Phase 4 What information do online students need as they prepare to leave the institution?

  • Developing educational and career plans
  • Reassessing goals
  • Transfer planning
  • Job placement
  • Graduation requirements and processes
  • Job application skills, including transcript requests

What else do online students need to know beside what is listed above?

  • Interactive Career Forum-The career forum will not only give the students a chance to see the direct marketing principles learned in the classroom come to life, but will also allow them to see that the same communications tools they use daily on an informal basis.
  • Online networking and communities. The possibilities of some social networking software like LinkedIn or Facebook, as well as some guidance on the process and lifecycle of job applications.
  • Tips on requesting and obtaining letters of recommendation from instructors
  • Information about which websites are best for locating jobs in their fields
  • Where to go for help with transfer issues
  • How to access official and unofficial transcripts
  • How to access job postings
  • Information regarding higher degrees from the institution
  • Tips on how to write good resumes
  • Access to mock interviews
  • Paid internships
  • Alumni offerings/how to stay connected to college
  • Advanced degrees and certificates after graduation
  • Networking opportunties
  • Commencement participation process if interested
  • For students with disabiliites how to transition to employment
  • How to develop an e-portfolio
  • What types of jobs can be sought for their specific major and degree.

Who will assume responsibility for delivering these services?

  • Student Services handoffs to partnered placement organizations
  • Ideally, course instructors will point students to these resources
  • Career planning services
  • Graduate counselors
  • Advisors
  • Career counselors
  • Foundation
  • Registrars Office
  • Disability Services
  • Transfer Center
  • Alumni Office

What is the best delivery method for these services?

  • Facebook, Youtube, email and Twitter
  • Skype and/or telephone
  • online, phone, in-person, email
  • Job postings on the school’s web site through a career network
  • Blogs and scrolling texts/announcements - in addition to the other thoughts presented already in this section
  • Use of webcamera's and programs like Skype to connect for mock interviews, resume critiques etc. Perhaps captioned web videos for workshop type courses on transitions, interviewing etc.

How to these resources contribute on online succcess?
Communities and networking should both extend the student's visibility outward to the market, as well as get him thinking about such mundane but important items as the timing of transcript requests and the highly variable latency of pending job applications

Anything that helps our students success at the next step is always great.

Remaining connected to the school is beneficial for networking purposes, but also in case the student finds themselves in a position where they want or have to return to school.

Assisting students with transfer of credits to four year school is an important service and helps them graduate on time. Having a plan will help students stay on track.

Connecting with a counselor or advisor will also hlep in case the student begins to experience difficulties. This is as true for online students as it is for on campus students.

Job postings through the school means that employers have a good, valuable, and continuing relationship with the graduates of that institution. The employers will be familiar with what they can expect graduates of that institution will be capable of and what kind of employees they will make. This resource will help graduates and employers to be successfully matched.

These resources will help the online student feel connected to the institution and outside the institution. If a student receives the career services they need to obtain a job, they will look favorably upon the institution and become a contributing alumni

It helps them to develop their knowledge garnered in college into more than just a degree. The items discussed above teaches them how to market themselves and their knowledge to obtain a job their chosen field. It's not just about getting a degree, but having the opportunity to apply

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